Friday, 21 October 2011

Laura Marling, Me and The Imperial College London

Finding work isn't easy. At least, finding the sort of work I want isn't easy. If I want to temp for minimum wage for the next few years getting up at half past 4am to get in on time to work my arse off and die of drowning from crying in my sleep, then there's plenty of work. If I want to sit in an office and surf facebook and photocopy my arse using office equipment then I'm out of luck.

I'd settle for something in between (closer to the office end of the scale of course).

I read an article with Laura Marling recently where she said that writing A Creature I Don't Know involved lots of sitting in cafes and doing crossword puzzles. Lucky her. And I don't resent her for it, because If I could get a job that involved doing that I'd totally not give a fuck who didn't like it (unless it was the people paying me). It also makes me not really give a fuck about downloading all her hard work for free (and having sex to it).

The other day I did one of the more easy and pleasant types of temp work. I waitered at the graduations for the Imperial College London. It was fucking freezing in the big marquee on the Queen's Lawn, the thinking was that when all the people piled in it would heat up. It did a bit, but by then I was too cold for it to have any benefit.

A Creature I Don't Have Any Money For

It was hard to stay pissed off though because graduation is a nice day for people. Even wee rich kids (which most of them were, who will do more with their BA/Bsc than I've done with my two degrees). It's nice to see the mums and dads all proud of them and their teenage brothers and sisters trying to get some champagne instead of orange juice (I turned a blind eye), and it was hilarious to see some drunk dad throw up all over the bogs. Ha ha ha ha ha

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