Monday, 7 November 2011

Danny Dyer and His Deadly Men

I watched Danny Dyer's deadliest men last night just to see him mincing about with a uffer in Scotland and Belfast. Danny was in a sensitive mood. He was glad that the deadly man hadn't tried to bum him, but when he invited him to Belfast for the weekend Danny got scared, probably because he thought they'd gotten past the prospect of sex. So what did Danny do, Danny said yes and went down the arcade to think about it. He must have been reading my blog, and thinking a bit of bum sex might make him come across as sensitive.

Danny fucks off to Belfast, but he goes without the uffer because Danny gets recognised by the fans, and he doesn't want to get his head blown off because of this particular hard man.

In fairness to Danny he does try to get his head round the subject matter, even though you get a sense that deep down he's pissing his pants, but loving the reflected notoriety of hanging out with someone way harder than himself, gay or not (the terrorist, not Danny, of course.)

Here's Danny being scared and fucking about down the arcade (about 2 mins in), wielding a toy gun and dreaming of being hard.

I was pissed off at seeing Danny so scared and feeble that I had to go and watch Football Factory just to reconvince myself that Danny is a rough tough cockney wide boy with minerals and a desire to kick people down a flight of apples and pears.

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